Welcome to Gather

A worldwide gathering to democratize leadership through deep learning and unlearning

Discover Your Leadership Moment

Would you recognize a leadership moment when it came your way? And would you know what to do when it did? 

Anyone can lead. You don't have to be a CEO or work in a management position to have influence. In this community, you will discover people, courses and many resources to help you identify and seize the leadership moments that come your way every day. 

Gather is a community that emerged initially from the work of Eric Martin, author of Your Leadership Moment, and Managing Director at Adaptive Change Advisors (ACA). ACA's mission is to 'democratize leadership' - putting tools that drive consequential change into the hands of anyone who seeks meaningful outcomes. ACA's work draws on Adaptive Leadership, an unconventional and provocative leadership practice developed at Harvard University.


Why Join

Our community includes senior executives, activists, change makers, book readers, and alumni and participants of Adaptive Leadership, which is a framework and set of tools and techniques pioneered at Harvard Kennedy School. As a member you can connect, learn and share with this worldwide network.

You can also take leadership courses, such as:

  • Discover Your Leadership Moment Based on the eponymous book, the Discover Your Leadership Moment course takes you on a journey into your self to prepare to lead consequential change.
  • Introduction to Adaptive Leadership Topics include getting on the balcony, the nature of adaptation, distinguishing between technical and adaptive challenges, exercising leadership vs exercising authority, adaptive experimentation, personalizing the adaptive challenge, leading from self vs role, thinking politically, courageous conversations, and leading without authority.
  • Leverage Your Leadership Moment Is there a tough and seemingly intractable problem you face in your work or civic life? Bring a specific project, initiative or leadership challenge to the Leverage Your Leadership Moment course and learn how to get unstuck.
  • Courageous Conversations Often when leading adaptive change, you're faced with difficult people and difficult conversations. Learn a valuable conversational technique for surfacing conflict while building relationship with others.
  • Adaptive Leadership Train-the-Trainer Are you interested in becoming a trainer or coach in Adaptive Leadership? This is the place to start. 
  • Topic-Specific Courses Specific leadership courses are offered on a custom basis on topics such health equity and access, clean energy, social enterprise.